Planning for Labour (the second time around)

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my second (and most probably my last) baby.

My first baby girl came into this world in a pretty stressful way. I was induced on my due date with Maddison as I started to get early signs of pre eclampsia. I won’t go into all of the details of her labour and birth as I know that there will be some first time mummas reading this and I don’t want to scare you off.. But I did end up getting fully dilated first time around and attempted to push her out. In the end she was fairly high up in the birth canal and not quite in the right position for natural delivery, so the decision was made to do an emergency caesarean. I am grateful for the treating medical team at the time and when it comes down to it my baby girl is here safely. Though I had a very rough start to motherhood with quite a painful recovery and my milk didn’t come in for a week post birth. I was very emotional and very stressed and I still to this day feel guilty that I did not enjoy the first couple of weeks of her life.

I am a complete advocate for you doing whatever is right for you whether that be a completely natural birth, labouring with an epidural or a scheduled c-section. I think personally for me a lot of the troubles I had came after having an epidural too early on and I was not able to move around. I think being confined to the bed prevented my baby from coming down into an optimal position.

This time around I would like to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) and I have a supportive obstetrician (luckily). I am going to do a birth workshop to further help me learn skills in relaxation during birth. My obstetrician has also said that she is happy for me to labour in the bath (if possible in my birthing suite) as long as she is able to monitor me. I am also planning on incorporating my essential oils into my labour and delivery. Here is some of the ways I am planning on using oils surrounding my labour.

Essential Oils Labour Tool Kit

*Valor – I will use a premade roller to give me strength and courage during labour, as well as on my lower back during contractions

*Diffuser Blend: Orange (my happy, calming, uplifting oil), White Angelica (promotes feelings of calm, relaxation, positivity) as well as Valor

*Trauma Life – this beautiful blend of luxurious, healing oils – I will use in the diffuser as well as topically on myself and baby (very dilute) after labour

Prior to Labour:
*Claraderm – perineum prep (as well as assisting healing post birth)
*Tender Tush & Kidscents lotion – stretch mark prevention

Post Labour:
*Fennel – I will be stocking up on fennel to have on hand if I need a boost with milk supply

Of course I will be guided by my medical team and am open to my next labour going a different way if it has to. But this time around I would like to just allow my body to go into labour naturally (if all is well) and see what happens.

If you would like to learn more about oils or want to know anymore details about my first birth experience, please send me a message. Also feel free to follow my oily Mummy-hood journey over at

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