My ‘Mummy-Life’, ‘Work-Life’ and ‘Oily Life’

When I was younger I thought I’d go to Uni, get a degree in something I was interested in and then find a job. I also thought that one day when I became a Mum, I would have my maternity leave off then go back to work part time and sort of be like a part time career woman and then part time be devoted to Mummy duties. And I partly did succeed in doing that. I do have a career that I’m interested in and I’m loving being a Mum to an energetic 16 month old. However what I didn’t realise was that finding the balance between it all, as well as being a wife and maintaining a household, is really quite difficult.

I have gone back to work part time and Maddison copes quite well with childcare as well as staying with her grandparents. I am happy enough with my day job, but I still often feel like I’m missing something. I used to feel like I wasn’t devoting enough attention to any one aspect of my life and hence not really thriving like I could be.

How do my oils fit into all of this?

I got started in essential oils about 6-7 months ago, during a really tough time when my husband was away and I was on my own with my 11 month old baby who had just started childcare and was coming home with every sickness going around. We also have had an extremely difficult time with sleep (that’s a whole other post for another day) and hence I was so sleep deprived and really stressed out thinking that if I caught Maddison’s terrible cold, we’d be a mess! I didn’t know what I’d do, who would take care of us? I was muddling through and I found I was getting upset a lot; I guess a mixture of hormones, stress, being on my own, on top of ongoing sleep deprivation. My friend who was using Young Living oils reached out to me and gave me some things to try. There were no strings attached, no – ‘you have to sign up and buy this’ etc etc She just could see how much I was struggling and genuinely wanted to try and help and share her love of oils with us and see if they could help us. Since that day I have not looked back… It makes me teary just thinking back on that time. We actually got through it with me not getting sick!! And I think that’s thanks to her immune support oils! She also introduced me to a range of calming, mood-boosting and sleep-promoting oils; I now have an awesome oily bedtime routine that both Maddison and I use daily and we are both thankfully sleeping soooo much better. I also have my husband back and it makes a huge difference sharing the load (love you Babe). I’m in a really good place now and I’m taking care of me too, which in turn I think makes me a better mummy and better wife. And I do, honestly, credit a lot of that to my oils.

These days I’m loving using my oils in my everyday life (I diffuse them, have different rollers made up to apply them topically as well as making different personal and household oily products that we use. I also love that I’m able to share amongst my friends and family.

And now through my love of my oils and what they are doing for me and my family, I am beginning to see just how I can grow this as a business. Which is not something I really ever thought was possible before. Just by using, loving and sharing my oils!? Which I’d be doing anyway! I am actually building my own business and at the same time helping others use and love their oils. The best part for me is that I can stay at home and care for my family! It sounds like one of those ‘too good to be true’ things, but let me tell you, I am actually making it a reality. And so are a lot of my friends.

I used to be a bit hesitant to openly share about this business side of oils. Why? I’m not entirely sure, maybe because I didn’t want to scare people away by coming across as salesy? I have looked into the possibility of other network marketing type things before when I was looking into options other than ‘9-5’ sort of jobs. But it seemed that everything else I looked in to was either not realistic, or was really about the ‘high up’ people and then all their little minions making a few dollars but no one else could actually make a career from it. Young Living is different from that; it’s a completely different mentality. I’m sharing how I’m using my oils for myself and my family and people are seeing the benefits and simple it is for them to make the switch to a more natural lifestyle too. The health benefits are amazing and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it honestly. My ‘Oily Life’ is allowing me to combine everything that is now most important to me in my life; most importantly my family – I am going to be able to stay at home with Maddison and have that freedom to go to work sporadically as I choose, my family’s health and wellbeing – keeping us healthy often without antibiotics and medications, and now turning this into a viable business!

I’m so glad I jumped in a bought a starter kit! I haven’t looked back, both health-wise and financial freedom-wise. I’m doing this for my family’s health and to stay home with my daughter. And I 100% believe in the oils and Young Living as a company, they wholeheartedly support their members, they have ethical and sustainable farming practices and what I believe to be the best quality essential oils around. We also have the most amazing team, which I attribute a lot of my success both personally with my oils and in starting the business side of things. I didn’t have to go it alone, there are amazing resources, support networks etc within my amazing oily team and everyone is so generous in sharing their tips & tricks. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have found the right fit for me and to be able to achieve the work-life balance of my dreams!

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