Style Sourcebook

I’ve always loved interior decorating but to be honest I’m not very good at it. I’m not sure if that is because life gets in the way and my ‘interior space’ is always cluttered and there is always junk to put away, or I get a bit excited when choosing decor pieces and go for things that I love at the time and not necessarily what matches with my current decor or the look I’m trying to achieve. I would describe my home decor style at the moment as ‘lived in practical’. Nonetheless, I do love looking at ‘interior inspiration’ in the form of pretty, style magazines, well thought out displays at the shops or scrolling through the dreamlike homes on my Instagram feed.

However, I’ve just recently come across this new webpage:

They list 1000s of interior design pieces, decor and furniture for all rooms of your house and include more than 700 brands and stores. It’s like a ‘moodboard’ community where you can create your wishlist of home related items and interiors and get ideas of how to add to your current home or completely restyle a room. You can also browse other people’s style ideas and moodboards for those that need a little ‘inspiration’ like me.
We’re currently renovating a few rooms in our house (very slowly) at the moment, so while my reality feels like clutter and chaos, I’m creating some moodboards on Style Sourcebook for each room and it’s making me feel a lot more organised.
I created this one (pictured) the other night when I was thinking of how to incorporate a nursery and a ‘big girl room’ for Maddison one day when the time comes.
You can also add tags to list where each item is from and prices, so that when you come back to it all the info is there for you ready to go!
Hubby is in the process of building us a deck out the back at the moment and I’m trying to imagine a functional outdoor space. So that’s what I’m going to design next.
Hope you have just as much fun playing around with this new webpage as I did! 

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