Everything is new

One of my favourite things about being a mum is getting to experience the world through her eyes. Everything is new.  I find myself saying to my husband a lot, this is the first time she’s been to the beach, this is the first time she’s tried a pickle, this is the first time she’s stood without holding on – so many firsts!  I can sometimes see her watching something really intently trying to see how it works.  She was quite young, maybe 4 months old when she was in the shower with one of us and she would look up to where the water was coming out and then down to the drain and back again trying to work out where the water was coming from and where it was going and probably why!  She’s one of those kids that wants to know how things work – much like her Daddy I think.

She is now 10 months old and understanding more and more of what we tell her, you can see she is a little sponge, soaking everything up.  I can’t wait until she can talk and tell me what she is thinking.  Though she already does a pretty good job of communicating what she wants and more importantly what she doesn’t want!

I have to try and let myself be in the moment more and take the time out to let her explore.  Even if that means it takes 5 mins longer to get ready, or that she makes a mess in the dogs water or that we take a detour on our walk.  It is my job to foster this curiosity and to help her grow and develop from these experiences.  I hope that I can foster this inquisitive nature of hers, as trying as it might be sometimes, I feel that she is going to grow into an independent, strong, determined little lady!  I love the Shakespeare quote: “and though she be but little, she is fierce” – this is my Maddison.  xx

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