Returning to work

This is my very first blog post, prompted by the end of my maternity leave.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a wife and a stay at home mum.  Don’t get me wrong I actually quite like my job, however I feel that where I am needed the most is at home to nurture and care for my family.  When I was pregnant my husband said that there was no question, I would just have to return to work part time after the baby was born for financial security.  So I just accepted it and thought I could make it work juggling being a mum and going back to work part time, no worries.

However since having Maddison, I feel like things have changed.  My priorities have changed; my whole life has changed really.  It is now all about her.

I have actually gone back to a very short term contact at my work, filling in for someone else recently, and it has been very strange now to be back.  My mind is not 100% on my work and I am wishing away the hours.  And I started thinking, is this the best thing for me and for my family?

I know that some mummies have to return to work and I know that other mummies choose to return to work, different work-life balances work for different families.  I however am determined to make a different work-life balance for my family.  My husband also has a job that requires me to be extremely flexible with childcare etc as I cannot always rely on him to be around.  Therefore I feel like I need to be the ‘constant’ at home for him, for our daughter and to keep our life grounded.

Now I know that I will have to be working in some capacity to help support my family but I am now looking outside the box to try and make that work.

Has anyone else struggled with the work life balance?  Have you succeeded in making it work for you and for your family? I’d love to hear your story.

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